Sore front in Dizengoff St. Tel Aviv

Sore front in Dizengoff St. Tel Aviv

₪8,000.00 Regular Price
₪7,000.00Sale Price

A store front shop on 237 Dizengoff St. Tel Aviv.

A great location in the Old North of the city between Basel and Nordau Boulevard.
The store is 50 sqm which is divided into a 30 sqm entrance space plus a legal gallery which is divided into 2 rooms of 20 sqm.
All windows have bars for security, as well as electrical blinds which allows you to lock the store at night in an elegant way.

The store is renovated and does not need additional renovation before entry.
Great Neighbors - a Diamond Shop and Real Estate Store.
Flexible price for long term renters.

For additional information please and in order to schedule a viewing please contact Daniel Katz of the Daon Group Real Estate at 054-232-6890.

237 Dizengoff St. Tel Aviv, Israel



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