Beit Lessin Tower Penthouse

Beit Lessin Tower Penthouse

1 Square foot

This massive triplex penthouse is as luxurious as penthouses come. Beautiful architecture with views overlooking the whole city of Tel Aviv. Situated on the top three floors of Beit Lessin Tower, this apartment is a dream. This penthouse's interior adds up to 626 sqm, with multiple attached balconies and an expansive rooftop measuring a combined size of 225 sqm. The building comes with unparalleled amenities including a pool, gym, and even a wine cellar. 


The first floor:

The lower level of the penthouse, which is situated on the 24th floor of the tower, measures 404 sqm with multiple balconies attached measuring 8.5, 22, and 73 sqm.


The second floor:

The middle level is on the 25th floor of the tower and measures 200 sqm.


The third floor:

The upper level is on the 26th floor of the tower, which is the top floor of the building. This floor measures 22 sqm with an attached rooftop of 122 sqm. The rooftop includes a private swimming pool.


You will never run out of space in this gorgeous and modern penthouse. This penthouse is also equipped with its own elevator, 4 parking spots, and 2 storage units.


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