Barak Daon

Owner, Broker

Barak Daon is a real estate broker providing personalized realty services from start to finish of purchasing or selling property in Tel Aviv Israel. Barak specializes in the north and center of Tel Aviv, selling new and old apartments and lots for building and real estate development. Barak has a bachelor’s degree in cognitive science and chemistry from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Previous to becoming a real estate consultant, Barak was a captain in the Israel Defense Forces for over seven years, serving in elite units including the counter terrorism unit followed by the dignitary protection unit. His army career provided him with extensive leadership, strategic, and logistical experience. He also gained wide-ranging business and strategic skills and development experience through his interactions with foreign armies.
Barak received two prestigious RE/MAX awards in 2017: Tel Aviv's Most Promising Agent and the President's Club Achievement Award.
Barak is married to Stephanie, and has two young daughters. He likes to cook, swim, hike throughout Israel, and explore new cultures around the word.


Ariela made Aliyah in 2016 after graduating highschool in Potomac, Maryland. Later that year, she enlisted into the Israeli Defesnse Forces as a combat soldier. After completing her military service as a lone soldier, she began her studies at the IDC in Herziliya, where she is currently pursuing a BA in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy. 

Ariela is a proud holder of a diploma from the StandWithUs Ambassador's Club, signed by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

In her free time, Ariela enjoys supporting Baltimore sports teams like the Ravens and the Orioles. 

Office Manager

Ariela Diamond


Daniel Katz is a real estate broker who focuses on assisting our overseas clients in their purchasing of residential and commercial properties in Tel Aviv. Prior to making Aliyah, Daniel was an attorney in South Africa specializing in commercial law. Daniel uses the skills he acquired in practicing law, specifically his attention to detail in ensuring the best outcomes for his clients. As an oleh himself, Daniel understands the rules and benefits that come with making aliyah. Daniel is also an admitted member of the Israel Bar Association.

Sales Associate, Broker

Daniel Katz


Nina is a senior real estate consultant with over 5 years of experience.
During this period Nina has achieved fantastic results for her clients in real estate transactions in Israel and abroad, which includes the acquisition of land, commercial real estate and residential apartments.
Nina is joining our firm and will be responsible for the marketing of projects that are managed by the firm.
Nina aims to ensure the best results for her clients and manages every transaction with the utmost care and diligence.

Project Manager, Broker

Nina Ben Jacob


Benjamin grew up in Lyon, France. Prior to his Aliyah in 2015, Benjamin graduated with a Master's degree from the Sorbonne Law School in Paris. After a career working in the Supreme Court of the EU, Benjamin made Aliyah and enlisted into the Israeli Defense Forces.

Since his release, he has evolved in business development in the start-up industry, taking part in several projects.

Benjamin provides tailor-made services from the beginning to the end of sellings, buying, and renting property in Tel Aviv. Benjamin is fluent in French, English, and Hebrew.

Sales Associate

Ben Rimokh


Jordan recently made Aliyah from Toronto, Canada and has over 10 years of Real Estate experience in North America.

In Canada, Jordan studied Actuarial and Statistical Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. Jordan holds a certificate from the NYU Schack Institute for Real Estate Development. Jordan prides himself on understanding the goals and mindset of investors and sellers alike and serves to maximize his clients' investments. Jordan's services include; buying and selling apartments of all sizes, investment land, development opportunities, and commercial assets. 

Sales Associate

Jordan Fisch


Alex has lived in Tel Aviv her whole life, bearing witness to the development and rapid growth of the city. With over three years of experience in the hotel industry, Alexandra’s work focused on team management and sales, specializing in Isrotel’s Tel Aviv business hotels.
Alexandra breathes the real estate profession from a young age; both her father and brother are successful real estate agents; her father in Israel and her brother in Maryland, USA

Sales Associate

Alex Hodakovski

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Malene My was born in Copenhagen, and moved to Tel Aviv in 2014. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Communications and Business, and a Master Degree in Organizational Behavior and Development. Malene loves culture, which is one of the reasons why she moved to Tel Aviv. Malene understands what it is like to move to Israel to a completely different culture. She speaks Danish, English, Norwegian and Swedish.

Sales Associate

Malene My


Paula is a rising junior at the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. She is from Short Hills, New Jersey. Paula has pervious real estate experience working for a development company and is currently in the process of completing a real estate minor.She is also interested in travel, dogs, food, and fashion.

Intern Agent

Paula Weissenberg


Studio ON Specializes in interior design and Architectural -branding for commercial and residential spaces


The studio was founded by Ori Dunetz and Noa Solomon, both graduates (BA Design) from The Holon Institute of Technology (H.I.T)

Ori and Noa both bring with them years of experience in interior design and architecture


The studio works in the belief that each design must be accurate and specific for each client

The goal of the studio is to produce a design that is timeless, accurate, and functional

The work process includes advising our clients in every step of the process. From the first construction documentation, design details through interior design and business branding


We believe in true collaboration between our clients and us. We thrive to create innovative design using cutting edge tools and skills.  We use many digital platforms to ensure our customers will get clear visualization of their project. It includes 3D illustrations as well as plans and physical material choices to be made

Interior Designer

Studio ON - Ori Dunetz & Noa Solomon

Daniel Dan

Daniel Dan is a professional contractor engaged in real estate and construction projects throughout Israel. He prides himself on his reliability, professionalism, service and warranty.
Daniel manages a variety of types of contracting projects including apartments, villas, offices, and shops of all sizes.

Daniel manages the contracting projects for his clients, coordinating between the various professionals, supervising all stages of work and of course ensuring the quality of the work. He specializes in working with architects / designers / engineers and consultants.

Contractor Specialist

Daniel Dan

Karin and Daniel are experienced mortgage brokers providing personalized mortgage services from start to finish of the process of receiving the mortgage from the bank.

​Both Karin and Daniel have a bachelor's degree in economics and management, and have a 12 years experience in Discount Bank.
They accompany all types of transactions: immediate purchase of properties, contractors, foreign residents and more.

​DNA has a regular contact with the banks in Israel, which saves the hassle and confusions when calling up all the banks and comparing their mortgage terms and rates . Let DNA do the hard work for you and get the mortgage that works best for you

Mortgage Brokers

DNA - Karin Armel & Daniel Nachmias

oren karev.jpg

Oren Karev is an architectural designer professionally educated in London and Tel Aviv. Oren has a strong foundation in construction projects having been both a builder and designer for many years in Tel Aviv and abroad. His work in a number of large Tel Aviv architectural practices has both educated and influenced him to strive for good communication with clients and thoughtful solutions.
Prior to gaining his architectural education, Oren was in an elite unit of the special forces of the Israeli Defense Force. His service as a combat soldier and later as the platoon head of information security allowed him to gain an understanding of the value of teamwork, intelligence gathering and assets management. Oren provides our clients with site survey, design consultancy, architectural design and drawings and site supervision.

Architectural Designer

Oren Karev


Stephanie Daon made aliyah from the United States in 2007 upon receiving her BA in Politics and Jewish History and Civilization from New York University. Stephanie has over seven years experience in the non-profit world, specializing in resource and program development. Stephanie is also a founding board member of the Israel Lacrosse Association.

Business Development

Stephanie Daon


Max Long made Aliyah from Boston, Massachusetts in 2015 and as a new immigrant with no Hebrew, family, or community, his journey began at the absorption center in Raanana. He spent his time learning Hebrew and immersing himself into Israeli Society.

At the age of 18 Max was motivated to enlist just like his Israeli counterparts. He served as a Lone Soldier in an Elite unit of the Israel Defense Forces.

His love for Israel and understanding of the culture gives Max the ability to connect with both Israelis and Americans alike. 

Since completing his military service Max founded, Growing Wings, a non-profit program to support and inspire Lone Soldiers before, during, and after their army service. 

Sales Associate

Max Long


Josh made Aliyah from London, England in 2015 after a career in investment property. Shortly after making Aliyah, Josh enlisted into an elite combat unit in the Israeli Defense Forces as a lone soldier. His experience in the London property market has enabled him to pivot and build a bridge working closely with British and Israeli investors both in Israel and overseas. Josh now lives in Tel Aviv and is a keen motorcyle rider and member of the Ducati Club Israel. 

Sales Associate

Josh Phillips


Ariel Cohen, a real estate broker both by trade and education in his native Argentina, made Aliyah in 2019.  With 7 years of professional experience in Real Estate and sales, Ariel is bringing his expertise specializing in the Spanish speaking market. Aside from Real Estate, Ariel is a professional Krav Maga instructor, plays football in his spare time, and cooks a mean Asado (barbeque in Spanish).

Sales Associate, Broker

Ariel Cohen


Aharon was born and raised in Tel Aviv, living in the city all his life. Aharon has over 15 years of experience in the Real Estate world, having his broker license since 2005. Aharon eats, sleeps, and breathes Tel Aviv which gives him a huge advantage in understanding the Israeli market, especially Tel Aviv. Aharon loves living by the sea and cheering on FC Barcelona from afar. 

Sales Associate

Aharon Liberman


Rhiannon has been a dually licensed Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Specialist for over twenty years, with an accumulated total of 8 licenses in the United States, as well as being a consultant for International Buyers. 

Sales Associate

Rhiannon Alley

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Suni is Korean born in Japan worked in financial industry in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Tel Aviv over +10 years. Suni visited Israel for the first time to run Jerusalem Marathon in 2016, fell in love with the country, and moved to Tel Aviv a year later in 2017.  She speaks Korean, Japanese, English and Hebrew. Suni will be managing our Japanese and Korean speaker clients' residential and commercial needs in Tel Aviv.

Sales Associate

Suni Kim

Tal Caspi

Tal is a recently discharged soldier turning her passion into a profession. Her love for photography began many years ago, and during high school and her army service she had photographed many families, events, and bar/bat mitzvah books. She graduated from Eshel HaNasi High School, where her final project won "Best Photography".


Tal Caspi


Moran Cohen Michaeli is a real estate attorney offering our clients professional, personal and reliable legal services throughout the buying and selling process. She supports our clients throughout the legal process from the initial consultation, to ensuring all legal documents and approvals are in order, to the signing of the contract.
Moran is also a certified and experienced mediator, which proves beneficial during negotiations. Moran prides herself on full transparency, and believes in keeping clients involved in decision making and informed during the legal proceedings. Her personal accompaniment is the type of legal service you need to close the deal you want.

Real Estate Attorney

Moran Cohen Michaeli


Inbal Chen is an architect and interior designer with over 15 years of experience creating and designing houses for residential and commercial spaces in Israel and around the world. For every one of her designs and constructions, Inbal gets her inspiration from her clients. She believes that the basis for a comfortable and pleasant design is to understand the client's needs, their personal taste, the character of their family or business, and their budget and time frame. She creates designs that are practical, functional and provide a convenient platform for the character and style of its use. Inbal's love for the field is an inseparable part of her love for people.

Architect and interior designer

Inbal Chen

Adi Kedem.jpg

Adi Ofer Kedem is a Home Stylist, graduate of the "Cavim" School of Design. Adi is passionate about making home owners feel at home. Adi's vision and motto:
"I believe that a person's home is his or her most intimate place and as such it should reflect his/her individual style as best possible. Styling a home is a brief process, which enables the home owner to transform the house into the home of his/her dreams by effectively utilizing the existing space, choosing the right furniture, accessories, lighting and other components which fit his/her vision – even on a modest budget.
In my work, I accompany the client step by step - building the initial concept and style, making use of available furniture and accessories and purchasing new items as necessary, and styling the home to the very last detail – based on a mutually predetermined budget.
I work with top of the line, trustworthy professionals and vendors, who ensure the project is conducted at the highest standards – furniture and design shops, lighting and textile designers, renovation specialists and others. All is done while keeping attune to the client's desires and dreams. I look forward to helping you realize your dream and making you comfortable and happy in your own home."

Home Stylist

Adi Ofer Kedem


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